What are LW points?

1. Points can be used as cash or a discount on orders. Customers can earn points through various activities such as purchasing items, posting reviews, and giving feedback.

2. Points have a validity period corresponding to the way in which they are earned. For details, please go to "Personal Center > My Reward Points".

3. LW points rules do not apply to all Flash Sale Products, such as $9.99 flash sale.

4. All points must be obtained in accordance with the rules and Customer Conduct Code of our Terms & Conditions. Violators will have their points reset to zero and/or their account suspended.

How to Get Points?

How to Use Points?

1. You need to have at least 100 points before you can use them to receive a discount (a minimum of 1 point can be used on purchases)

2. 100 points = $1.00.

3. Points cannot be used together with flash sales, super deals, clearance prices and other discounts.

4. You can use 5000 points in maximum to receive the discount of $50, but the actual discount you gain could not exceed 50 % of an order's price.

5. Each time you earn LW points, there is a corresponding validity period. Points received through purchases are valid for 180 days; other types of points are valid for 30­-90 days (depending on the situation).

Lunawe.com reserves the right to amend these rules and provisions at any time.